The Cosmetic Laser Exchange has buyers waiting to provide you with a range of selling options:

If you need to get rid of the equipment quickly, you may just want to sell it. This option is quick and easy. However, the offer may be lower depending on the demand, age, and condition of your items.

If you choose to consign, the equipment stays with you. We provide the tools to manage your consignment and understand the value the the Cosmetic Laser Exchange provides in marketing and overall exposure. This is a great way to let buyers know you have an actual device to sell if the offer is right.

If you choose to trade-in a system, handpiece, or other equipment, we can give you a great deal on another item that is listed on the Cosmetic Laser Exchange. Let the Cosmetic Laser Exchange help you trade in your old device for a new or pre-owned cosmetic laser or other equipment.