2023 Lutronic Hollywood Spectra Q-Switch

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2023 Lutronic Hollywood Spectra Q-switch 1064/532nm 

This Lutronic Hollywood is in exceptional condition, low use and patient-ready. 

From the Manufacturer: 

Hollywood Spectra is the world’s leading ultra-short pulse 1064/532nm laser platform. Equipped with proprietary capabilities, Hollywood Spectra reduces unwanted skin pigmentation and helps stimulate collagen production. Its intelligent and intuitive design enables practitioners to rejuvenate complexions, remove multi-color tattoos, and perform the popular Hollywood Laser Peel® and AcnePeel™.

A Spectrum of Powerful Treatments

  • HyperSurge™ Resonator capabilities deliver high peak acoustic pressure
  • Targets unwanted pigment through nano-acoustic technology in 5ns bursts
  • Controlled photothermal skin revitalization through 0.3ms application
  • Uniquely enables Hollywood Laser Peel® and AcnePeel™ treatments
  • PTP+™ multi-pulse modes available for sensitive skin

Key Benefits 

  • Exfoliates skin, diminishes unwanted pigmentation, stimulates collagen production, and refines skin’s texture and tone
  • Offers a safe and comfortable way to revitalize and maintain a youthful appearance
  • Can be marketed as a treatment series or a single session before an event
  • Provides opportunities to generate social media excitement around the treatment experience
  • Offers Hollywood Laser Peel treatments which can differentiate your practice among millennial patients