Candela PicoWay Resolve Handpiece Set w/ KTP YAG (532nm/1064nm)

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**New in Factory Packaging** Syneron Candela Fractional Picosecond Pico Way Laser Handpiece Set - Fastest Pico second technology available - Treatment Indications Include: Freckles, Age Spots, Tattoo removal, Café Au Lait Macules, Benign Lesions, Melasma, Liver Spots, Dermal Melanocytosis (excessive melanocytes in the tissues),  Hyperpigmentation around Eyes and more - Includes:  1064 nm YAG Resolve HP P/N 7123-00-0058 , 532 nm KTP Resolve HP P/N: 7123-00-0059 , Replacement O-Rings Qty 10,  Replacement windows Qty 10, Distance Gauge P/N: 7123-00-0057 Qty 4, Plastic Distance Gauge P/N: 7123-00-0467 Qty 4, Durable Waterproof carrying case, Laser Operator's Manual and Treatment Guidelines CD Rev D 8501-00-2122